About Company

ZEN journey has been driven by cooking spirit and unique tasting selection to fulfill consumers'dynamic desires with epicurean and creative symmetry. ZEN Corporation Group offers variety of experts who love and care to invent happiness through inspiring menu.

Our Brands

Zen Group, established for over 30 years, operates 13 leading Thai and Japanese restaurant brands with more than 349 outlets. Our current success has been a result of outlets expansion both domestic and international and our future intention is to become a global foodservice industry leader.

Company Milestone

Management Structure


"to be the popular and trusted food business leader for consumers, business allies and stakeholders."


4 important mission groups are consumers, employees, society & environment and shareholders:

  1. Consumers : highest customers' satisfaction through unique tasty food produced from quality ingredients and enhanced with great service.
  2. Employees : corporate culture practice that honors respects and employees engagement. Happy work environment will inspire and yield better life quality for the employees.
  3. Society and Environment : strict corporate governance observation and sustainable improvement determination the society and environment.
  4. Shareholders : add values to shareholders with growing and sustaining profit growth.

Business Goals

The company targets to become the leader in food service with the sale target of 10,000 million Baht by 2023.

Nature of Business

ZEN Corporation Group Public Company Limited (“The Company” or “ZCG”) operates its businesses as a holding company, holding the shares of other companies in restaurant industry and other related businesses through operations of its subsidiaries consisting of ZEN Restaurant Holding Company Limited (“ZRH”), AKA Interfood Company Limited (“AKF”), Gyu Grill Group Company Limited “GGG”), Spice Synergy Company Limited (“SYN”), Tokyo Concept Company Limited (“OTT”), ZEN and Spicy Company Limited (“ZPC”) and ZEN Supply Chain Management Company Limited (“ZSM”), ”), Zen And Kosum Interfood Company Limited (“ZKC”) and other related businesses with the main business groups as follows

Restaurant business under the company own brands Currently, there are a total of 13 restaurant brands under the operations of the Group, which can be divided into 2 groups: Japanese restaurant brands7 brand and Thai restaurant brands6 brands as follows: ZEN, ZENBOX, AKA, On the Table Tokyo café, Tetsu, Sushi Cyu Carnival Yakiniku, Din’s, Tummour, LaoYuan, Pho, de Tummour, Khiang, Khiang Kang-Tai.

Franchise business under company own brands The company offers 2 franchise types (1) the company chosen a specific brand and location to the prospect franchisee and (2) the franchisee chosen a specific brand and location proposal to the company for review and approval.

Other relevant business operation Coverages are (1) food delivery business and catering (2) restaurant management and restaurant consultancy service (3) retail food service, which includes Ready-to-Cook and Ready-to-Eat business.


The company's continuous development on the restaurant brands has earned its solid reputation and long-established respect in the industry.

The company offers variety of restaurant brands to cover all consumers' segments, including relevant business expansion to enhance long term growth.

The company has been able to rapidly expand the outlets from utilizing its own investment and franchising, which reduce overall investment risk and produce continuous profit.

The company has ongoing good business relationship with partners and customers.

The company has efficient research, development and new business team.

The company employs experienced executives with food industry background.

Contact us

No. 662 Soi Onnuch 17 ,Suan Luang Sub District, Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250