ZEN Group posts Q3/2020 net profit in strong recovery Targeting increase in number of restaurants to 340 by year end Showcases wide variety of restaurants to serve every lifestyle

'ZEN Corporation Group' moves forward into HY/2020 Ready for restaurant business resurgence, full speed ahead To open 100 'Khiang' branches this year & boosting delivery revenue

'ZEN Corporation Group' applies strict hygienic production process Group introduces promotions, value set menus, choices to reduce consumers' burden COVID-19 protective measures put in place to safeguard staff

'ZEN Corporation Group' reveals 2020 business plan, readiness to tackle COVID-19 Modifying kitchens in ZEN Group restaurants into 'central kitchens' to support delivery Introducing 'Collaboration' concept through joint venture with influential partner in South to expand 'Khiang' branches

ZEN Group reassures Norwegian salmon's full safety Strict measures applied to cope with COVID-19

ZEN Group boosts revenue to MB3,144.2, bucking economic trend Launches 100 new branches while delivery channels grows 8-fold Cost-cutting through franchise model for new branches in 2020

ZEN Group expands coverage of restaurant business With opening of Din's Chinese fast food, targeting 30 branches in 3 years

ZEN going full steam on franchising locally and abroad All brands to be featured at TFBO 2019 on July 11-14

ZEN partners with PTT to expand branches nationwide Stockpiling over 70 ideal spots at PTT stations for new restaurants

ZEN records Q1/2019 net profit of THB 32.1m, up 33%, gears up for expansion of Thai and Japanese restaurants in Q2 as planned

ZEN wades into food delivery with a 100 million baht revenue target Piloting with 3 restaurant brands and opening a branch specifically for delivery

ZEN targets FY2019 revenue growth within 15-20% range, highlights astounding 71.4% earnings growth to THB 140.2m, existing restaurants' continued sales rise in FY2018

ZEN targets FY2019 revenue growth within 15-20% range,highlights astounding 71.4% earnings growth to THB 140.2 m,existing restaurants' continued sales rise in FY2018

ZEN undergoes 1st trading day, confident in strong fundamentals, aims for food service leadership in Thailand, to add owned, franchised restaurants

ZEN First Trading Day, Share price increased 17.7% over IPO price at the opening