ZEN Group expands coverage of restaurant business With opening of Din's Chinese fast food, targeting 30 branches in 3 years


Zen Corporation Group Public Company Limited (ZEN) further expanded its restaurant portfolio to cater to the ever-expanding and trendy Chinese food in Thailand with the acquisition of franchisee license for the new "Din's" Chinese fast food brand in the neo-Taiwanese genre. The first branch has been launched at Samyan Mitrtown Center with the emphasis on good taste, quality ingredients and affordable prices. The new restaurant has been well received and plans are in place to open 30 branches in three years when the revenue is expected to reach 300 million baht.

Mr. Boonyong Tansakul, Chief Executive Officer of ZEN Corporation Group Public Company Limited (ZEN) - the food service provider, revealed that the Company's restaurant business strategy is to offer more variety in addition to the present 14 brands covering Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. The Company has concluded that overall market in Thailand for Chinese fast food at present is expected to be worth 20,000-30,000 million baht while the projection is for continuous growth. Therefore, the Company opened the first branch of Din's Chinese fast food restaurant in the neo-Taiwanese genre at G Floor, Samyan Mitrtown Center.

Din's has been highly successful in Japan with its distinctive taste and inexpensive prices. There are now more than 10 branches in Japan with the plan for further expansion. ZEN has decided to acquire the franchisee rights from Din's Japan to open the restaurants in Thailand. ZEN also has the rights to open branches in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar. This agreement will pave the way for growth opportunity of Din's brand well into the future.

A survey showed that the Chinese food is popular and well-liked among the Thai people. The preparation does not taken too long and the prices are affordable. Therefore, the restaurant is expected to be well received. Following the opening of the first branch, the target is to launch 30 branches in three years in ideal locations with high traffic such as in shopping centers, both in the cities and provincial communities. The revenue is expected to be in the region of 300 million baht.

"We see Din's as a brand that fulfills the demand of consumers at all level, and therefore we are planning to open branches continuously in the next three years. We have a plan to prepare for the readiness of the sales team that will add more branches through the franchising model in the future. We expect to receive a lot of interest from those who want to invest in restaurants," Mr. Boonyong said.

Ms. Suchanpa Balankura, General Manager Yakiniku and Cafe Restaurant Group of ZEN Corporation Group Public Company Limited (ZEN) said that the first branch of Din's Restaurant was opened at Samyan Mitrtown Center at the end of the past December. This shopping center has a good potential with its location at the center of the city, near offices and is directly connected to the MRT Underground at Samyan Station). The restaurant offers old-style Chinese dishes in fast-food format inspired by fast food restaurants in Japan with affordable prices. There are more than 50 dishes listed on the menu including appetizers, single dishes and set menus, to cater to every segment of consumers who love this type of cuisine.

The favorite signature dish of the restaurant is the "Flying Xiao Long Bao" that has been developed by a leading dim sum chef and is available only at this restaurant. The dish was inspired by the concept of the Japanese who love gyoza and adapted into the Flying Xiao Long Bao with its distinctive winged shape to create a new dining experience that is unique to Din's - the Chinese fast food restaurant with reasonable prices that can be enjoyed every day.

The design of the restaurant is in the form of modern Eastern style which is minimalistic yet lively and suitable for families and groups of friends dining together. A part of the space has been designed as an open kitchen allowing the customers to see the atmosphere and the food preparations by the chefs very closely, thus also feeling assured of the freshness of the ingredients.

"After one month in operation of Din's Restaurant, the response has been very good with customers continuously visiting throughout the day with the daily receipts higher than target. This is because we pay close attention to the taste of the dishes and the selection of the ingredients to ensure good experience and impression so that they will return again to us. For the month of February, Din's is offering a special promotion for customers who order two Size R of set menus with the offer of 25-percent discount on 4 types of appetizers. For details, please check out Facebook Fan Page Din's Thailand," Ms. Suchanpa said.