ZEN Group reassures Norwegian salmon's full safety Strict measures applied to cope with COVID-19


ZEN Corporation Group (ZEN) has provided assurance to its customers who are concerned about consuming fresh salmon from Norway during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The Company reassured of full safety guarantee backed by the Federation of Norwegian Industries attestation to the safety measures applied to its produce due to strict farming method and the monitoring of any possible toxin residue in the farming process. Also put in place was the rigorous and thorough cleanliness regimen at restaurants to provide confidence for customers.

Mr. Boonyong Tansakul, Chief Executive Officer of ZEN Corporation Group Public Company Limited (ZEN) – the food service provider, revealed that, due to the news reports advising people to avoid eating or touching raw, uncooked food during the COVID-19 outbreak as the consumers may possibly contract the virus from contaminated food, the Company expressed its full satisfaction of the sanitary standard of fresh Norwegian salmon sold in ZEN Group restaurants that the customers can consume as usual without any concern for any coronavirus contamination in the salmon.

Most recently, the Federation of Norwegian Industries have certified the hygienic and safe condition of its salmon products that they can be consumed raw, such as in sushi and sashimi dishes that have not been frozen, thanks to the special rearing process with the dry feed that has been passed through heat treatment. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that the Norwegian produce are totally without the contamination of the new coronavirus or parasites.

Furthermore, salmon farming in Norway has to comply with strict EU laws and regulations to ensure food safety standard and fully guaranteed to be safe and nutritious for human consumption. Each year, the Norwegian authorities have put great effort on keeping track of any possible toxin residue in farmed seafood, with the Marine Research Institute charged with the tasks on behalf of the food safety authority of Norway.

As for the measures to provide assurances and confidence to the customers dining in ZEN Group restaurants, the Company attached great importance to the health and hygiene of the customers and all employees and has devised the following measures to prevent the spread of this virulent virus: 1) Providing sanitary gel for hand-cleaning at the counter; 2) Mandating all employees to wear sanitary masks while at work; 3) All employees involved in food preparations must wear rubber gloves; 4) All employees working in the kitchen and those who come in direct contact with the food must wash their hands in strict accordance with the procedure; 5) Tables and chairs must be cleaned with sanitizing liquid after every use by customers; 6) Employees are advised to wash their hands more frequently throughout the day; and 7) If an employee is sick, he/she must take leave and visit the doctor immediately.