ZEN Group posts Q3/2020 net profit in strong recovery Targeting increase in number of restaurants to 340 by year end Showcases wide variety of restaurants to serve every lifestyle


ZEN Corporation Group Public Company Limited (ZEN) showed its recovery capability as it posted a Q3/2020 net profit of 45.5 million baht which was a strong improvement from the previous quarter following business strategy adjustment, organizational restructuring, and retained consumer confidence in the restaurant brands. The Company is moving ahead with the increase in the number of restaurant branches to more than 340 stores by the end of this year while formulating the strategy to increase the variety of the food business portfolio to fulfill every lifestyle of the consumers. The Company is also driving the application of “digital platforms” to provide seamless dining experience, create brands and sales channels through ecommerce to expand customer base to include new groups and to access Big Data to reach consumer insight so as to further enhance business strategy.

Mr. Boonyong Tansakul, Chief Executive Officer of ZEN Corporation Group Public Company Limited (ZEN) – the food service provider, revealed that the Q3/2020 performance improved significantly with a net profit of 45.5 million baht. Therefore, it can be confidently said that the Zen Group has surmounted its lowest point in Q2/2020, as the Company has restructured the organization to become leaner, more agile, with improved management efficiency, resulting in increased level of profitability.

In this past 3rd quarter, it was found that customers have returned to dine in at the restaurants in the Zen Group at 80-85 percent on average. Which means that the restaurant business is continuously reviving following the moderating of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Thailand and the government’s lifting of the lockdown measures. Therefore, the Company is ready to continuously ramp up the expansion of the number of branches. The goal until the end of this year is to have a total of 340 branches of all restaurant brands (both Company Owned Stores and Franchise), while also expanding the delivery service and ecommerce channels to fulfill the needs of customers in the New Normal. As for the year 2021, more restaurants will be continuously added – up to 400 branches – with the emphasis on increasing the branches of brands with higher potential, as well as franchise branches.

In addition, the Zen Group will have cuisines in various styles to fulfill the different lifestyle of the consumers, be they Japanese, Thai-Isan, Yakiniku, neo-Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Tokyo Café, and street food. The Company will also access digital platforms through the “Omni Channel Customer Centric” strategy seamlessly combining the advantages of both offline and online channels. This approach will offer full coverage of the customers’ demand along with the development of menus and the services to cater to the needs of offline and online customers while linking with the social platform media and website applications of the restaurants in the Group, plus the “e-market place”. This will also help facilitate the collection of customer data including orders, promotions, and prices into one “Big Data” for data analytics that will be used to further develop the solutions most preferred by the customers at all times.

Furthermore, after the government has implemented the “Shop Dee Mee Kuen” (Returns for Your Shopping) campaign, it was found that restaurants in the Group have been welcoming more customers. Therefore, the Company will be offering for sale “Gift Voucher Zen Corporation Group” worth 5,000 baht for only 4,000 baht for seven restaurant brands, namely, ZEN Japanese Restaurant, AKA, On the Table, Tokyo Café, Din’s, Tummour, Lao-Yuan and Khiang. The vouchers can be bought at the restaurants in the Zen Group from November 11, 2020 until December 31, 2020 (or until the vouchers run out of stock).